Rebecca McGowan

Genetic Counseling Program: University of Cincinnati
"It is privilege to partner with individuals and couples on their journey to family building. As a genetic counselor, I strive to be a resource and support throughout the fertility process, and to create space for patients to share their struggles and celebrate their successes. "

Rebecca McGowan2022-05-19T04:55:22+01:00

Mira Furgoch

Genetic Counseling Program: Sarah Lawrence College
"As a genetic counselor with a family history of genetic disease I have a personal and professional interest in providing education and access to preimplantation genetic testing. I hope to be a resource and support to families on their journeys through IVF."

Mira Furgoch2022-05-19T11:36:43+01:00

Kimberly Nugent

Genetic Counseling Program: Arcadia University
"As a laboratory genetic counselor with Cooper Surgical I am passionate about merging complex genetic knowledge and patient needs on their path to grow families through PGT. As I work with families through their session(s), my goal is always to create a safe and empowering environment for them to find the support they need in their unique PGT journey. The most rewarding part of my profession is developing bonds that span past the course of a cycle and knowing I was able to play a small role in their story."

Kimberly Nugent2021-10-28T09:28:22+01:00