Amy Gallant

Genetic Counseling Program: University of Pittsburgh
"I am passionate about reproductive genetics. Preimplantation genetic testing can be a long, complex, and stressful process, and I find the opportunity to inform and guide patients as they pursue their reproductive goals very rewarding. It is a privilege to play a role in helping patients grow healthy families. "

Amy Gallant2022-05-19T05:23:26+01:00

Jennifer Sloan

MSc Genetic counselling training programme: University of Manchester, United Kingdom
"It is very rewarding and heartwarming for me to dedicate time to connect with patients, hear their story, offer support and empathy, teach genetics and embryology concepts and provide added support resources to help cope with grief and loss. Helping to reduce the risk of a life-limiting genetic disorder with PGT is very rewarding."

Jennifer Sloan2021-11-03T08:01:57+00:00

Amber Gardiner

Genetic Counseling Program: University of Cape Town, South Africa
"It is an honour to be involved in the fertility journey for families affected by genetic conditions. This can often be a stressful and emotional experience, and my hope is to help families to understand the complexities of genetic testing and be a supportive resource for them during this journey."

Amber Gardiner2021-11-03T08:01:54+00:00