During IVF

Going through fertility treatments can feel like a rollercoaster ride, with exciting highs, emotional lows, and information at every turn. We’ll help educate you on your options, share others’ experiences, and hopefully make you laugh along the way.

Disease Awareness

At CooperGenomics, sharing genetics with the world is one of our biggest passions. The posts here are designed to promote an increased understanding of genetics and advocate for those impacted by genetic disease.

During Pregnancy

With a little one on the way, pregnancy is a time of excitement, but also perhaps apprehension – what can I eat, how should I sleep, what testing do I need? We’re here as your guide and cheerleader from conception to delivery!

Before Pregnancy

Whether you’re trying to conceive now or plan to in the future, from egg freezing to fertility workups, we’ve got insights to help you prepare for your future family!