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Understanding genetics is critical to making informed healthcare decisions. We are dedicated to building tools and programs that promote an increased understanding and awareness of genetic health and improve the practice of reproductive medicine. Our varied educational projects, events, trainings, and resources are designed to empower embryologists, medical professionals, and the community at large.


At CooperGenomics, we recognize that IVF laboratories play an integral role in patients’ fertility treatment success; however, formal training for embryologists and other laboratory staff can be difficult to find. CooperGenomics is proud to be the home of the CooperSurgical Center of Excellence, a hands-on fertility laboratory training facility in Livingston, NJ that aims to make world-class embryology and laboratory training accessible to all. The Center of Excellence hosts practical trainings and workshops across the country to help embryologists and IVF laboratory staff learn new skills, improve techniques, and optimize performance. Training programs span a variety of topics, such as micromanipulation basics, biopsy troubleshooting, ICSI, vitrification, and more. Our workshops offered for a variety of skill levels.

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The Center of Excellence is supported by CooperGenomics and the CooperSurgical Fertility Companies – global leaders in IVF and reproductive genetics, working together to provide innovative products and services for every step in the ART journey.


We offer a variety of educational resources to help you learn more about genetics and help start the conversation about genetic testing with your patients. Our genetics handbook is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the current landscape of the field and details on available testing options, and our accompanying genetic flipbook helps you have the conversation about genetics with your patients in the clinic. We also offer a visiting lecture series where our experts can present to you and your team on Genetics 101, Carrier Screening, Testing Technologies, Mosaicism, and more. To request resources, please email info@coopergenomics.com.

Educational Webinars

CooperGenomics is proud to support continuing education through our live webinar series. Our first webinar, entitled Pioneering Tomorrow: PGS, NGS, and Mosaicism featured a discussion on the latest in PGSPGT-A technologies and mosaicism research by expert panelists:

  • Dr. Santiago Munne, Chief Scientific Officer, CooperGenomics
  • Dr. Michael Large, Director of Genomics Labs, CooperGenomics
  • Dr. James Grifo, Program Director, NYU Langone Fertility Center

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Patient and Community Education Tools

Knowledge is power, and we love sharing our genetics knowledge to help empower those starting or growing their families.

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