What it is

Pregnancy loss analysis, also known as products of conception (POC) testing, is performed after a miscarriage to determine if there was a genetic cause for the loss. This information can provide guidance for future reproductive planning.


Your healthcare provider can help you determine if pregnancy loss analysis is appropriate for you. You may benefit from this testing if you:

  • Have experienced two or more pregnancy losses
  • Want to find out if there is a genetic reason for your loss
  • Have a family history or pregnancy history of chromosome abnormalities
  • Want to determine the likelihood of another loss

How it works

Pregnancy loss analysis is performed on the tissue from a miscarriage. CooperGenomics uses advanced Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to analyze the loss for chromosome abnormalities with a higher resolution than traditional methods. Reports are expedited and released within 3-4 days, bringing you answers as quickly as possible. Talk to your healthcare provider to determine if pregnancy loss analysis might be right for you.