CooperGenomics is committed to driving cutting-edge advancements in reproductive genetic testing. Recognized as the think-tank in the field, we are continually analyzing and optimizing protocols, bringing the benefits of research back to the patient.

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FertilityMapSM is a large-scale, IRB-approved research study aimed at uncovering the links between genomics and infertility. The FertilityMap study pools together genetic information from CarrierMap testing, alongside personal and family medical history information and fertility-related clinical information, with the goal of developing predictive algorithms to inform infertility diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Participation in the FertilityMap study is available to patients undergoing CarrierMap testing at our participating partner IVF centers.


MitoGradeSM is a PGS booster that assesses the amount of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in euploid embryos. IVF embryos with elevated levels of mtDNA have been shown to have greatly reduced implantation potential; thus, the goal of MitoGrade analysis is to provide an independent biomarker of embryo viability to further increase the likelihood of achieving IVF success.


ERGradeSM is an endometrial receptivity analysis designed to identify the optimal embryo transfer time and improve the chances of successful implantation for IVF patients. By measuring the gene expression profile from a sample of endometrial tissue, ERGrade analysis can determine if the endometrial lining presents a favorable receptivity profile. Based on these results, transfer can then be timed to align with the period of optimal receptivity, with the goal of increasing the chances of IVF success.