Every year, the CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions team is proud to attend the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress and Expo — and 2019 was no exception! The American Society for Reproductive Medicine is an non-profit organization internationally recognized as a leader in both education and advocacy, through sharing knowledge and supporting research and groundbreaking studies that help both patients and health professionals all over the world. As this year marks the group’s 75th anniversary, the theme of the event was Celebrating 75 Years of History and Innovation. Clinicians, scientists, patient advocates, and more met from October 12th to 16th, in Philadelphia, PA, to explore the latest in reproductive care, as well as to participate in expert-led discussions and courses.

This year, over 9,300 registrants from 94 countries engaged with various presentations, roundtables, abstracts, and sessions covering aspects of fertility technology, insights or ancillary support. The spectrum of fertility knowledge shared by participants was vast, making for valuable opportunities to connect amongst the reproductive health professionals in attendance. 

At this year’s conference we launched our most recent innovation into our revolutionary PGTaiSM platform, PGTai 2.0. In an invited talk, Daniel R Grow, MD, MHCM (Director Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Professor of ObGyn at UConn Health) spoke about his experience with PGTai at his clinic, while our resident expert Tony Gordon PhD, unveiled the clinical benefits and utility of the PGTai 2.0 platform. Dr. Grow began with a real-world account of how this test is benefiting his patients and clinicians, while Tony Gordon PhD, detailed the PGTai 2.0 platform’s expected clinical benefits, among others, including global SNP coverage, providing a secondary layer of aneuploidy assessment, improved detection with the ability to detect female triploidy. This double assessment, unique to the PGTaiSM platform, provides added assurance in PGT-A analysis and reporting. After concluding the informative sessions, our experts took questions from an engaged audience to further explore the clinical utility and impact of our platform. To learn more about this revolutionary platform, please click here.

At our stand, visitors had the opportunity to attend live talks and experience exciting interactive media along with our esteemed experts. Our talks included discussion around the new developments in the PGTai 2.0 platform, analytical reporting using RI Witness, and precision embryo transfer with our ERPeakSM endometrial receptivity test. In other sessions, our team spoke on why embryologists should test pH, the aspects of sperm preparation and selection, and options available to patients experiencing recurrent implantation failure. 

Those who stopped by also had the chance to speak with our board-certified Genetic Counseling team to discover new insights and get involved with interactive displays. One of the biggest hits was our reactive table, where guests could slide bottles to learn more about the many features of our full range including SAGE 1-Step GM-CS. Booth visitors also enjoyed exploring the K-Systems G210 InviCell incubator using a VR headset for an immersive and interesting experience — click here to see what visitors saw!

To unwind and support the more “artistic side” of ART, CooperSurgical Fertility & Genomic Solutions held an “ART Rocks” party at the Fillmore. Curated by The ART of Infertility, with the intent of breaking the silence around infertility and resolving misconceptions, guests were treated to the innovative and emotionally provoking art exhibit portraying the realities, pains and joys of living with infertility. 

After the tour and some photos, the crowd spent some time with pregnantish founder, Andrea Syrtash, who discussed her emotional 10-year fertility journey and what she learned along the way. Having endured many failed cycles and two pregnancy losses, Syrtash researched and eventually pursued PGT-A and surrogacy to have her now 10-month-old daughter. Andrea’s concluding remarks helped to shine a light on the impactfulness of the work done each day in the field of reproductive genetics — a heart-warming and powerful way to celebrate the conference.


Afterwards, CooperSurgical Fertility & Genomic Solutions Vice President, Brian Miller, introduced an ASRM-party fan favorite, The Spazmatics, who flew all the way from Los Angeles, to put on “The Ultimate 80’s New Wave Show”. It is without exaggeration that we say everyone had a fantastic time. We’ll be discussing the “ART Rocks” party in a subsequent blog posted next month, so stay tuned!

We would like to thank all those who attended our talks, presentations, symposiums or stopped by our stand. We are inspired and excited to continue to build healthy families together. We’ll see you next year in Oregon! to continue to build healthy families together. We’ll see you next year in Oregon!