Last month, we shared the highlights of our attendance at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress and Expo. This week, we’re excited to expand more on our time at the event, including the famous CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions party, ‘ART Rocks’!

We invited guest speaker and pregnantish founder, Andrea Syrtash, to share her experience of being diagnosed with infertility, pursuing IVF and other forms of treatment. 

Having endured many IVF failed cycles and two pregnancy losses, Andrea researched and eventually pursued PGT-A and surrogacy to have her daughter, Arielle. 

At our event, her moving words helped guests to truly empathize with her emotional 10-year fertility journey, and her concluding remarks helped shine a light on the impactfulness of the work done each day in the field of reproductive genetics. It was a heartwarming and powerful way to celebrate.

From personal experience, Andrea highlighted why offering a range of treatment options, such as genetic testing, can help empower patients on their journey towards creating a family. 

At the party, attendees were also invited to view a gallery of art curated by The ART of Infertility. An innovative and emotionally provoking exhibit, it aims to break the silence around the pains and joys of living with infertility and resolve misconceptions.

The Art of Infertility exhibit at the Fillmore in Philadelphia

The display was patient-created artwork that captured the lived experiences of infertility and recurrent reproductive loss.

‘We were honored to participate in the CooperSurgical Art Rocks event,’ said Elizabeth Walker and Maria Novotny from The Art of IVF. ‘‘Numerous people squeezed our hands or offered us hugs as they thanked us for sharing patient experiences’. 

An embryologist commented to Elizabeth and Maria that, ‘looking at the pieces, each one was more beautiful and heartbreaking than the last. It really brought to mind what patients go through on their journey’.

This sentiment was echoed by Andrea Syrtash when we caught up with her after the event, who told us that genetic testing had been a ‘game-changer’ for her. 

‘I’m forever grateful to reproductive medicine and genetic testing because it truly gave me the opportunity to become a mom,’ she said.