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We’ve partnered with an innovative company called EngagedMD to create modules to aid patients in the PGT and endometrial receptivity testing process.

Explaining genetic testing to patients can be complicated and take up valuable clinician time. There’s a lot of information to cover, and it can be difficult to ensure that every patient has the comprehensive understanding needed to make an informed decision. When patients do choose to move forward with testing, inefficiencies in the test ordering process can result in headaches and delays.

The ART of a Data-Driven Patient Experience

Here’s what other patients have to say.

Since launching our collaboration, EngagedMD has collected feedback from patients on the e-Learning platform.

“The videos gave me an idea of what to expect throughout the entire process and answered a majority of the questions that I had about testing my embryos.”

of patients felt that the EngagedMD videos were a helpful addition to consultations with their medical team

of patients said the EngagedMD learning modules helped answer 1 or more questions they would have otherwise had to ask their medical team

“This is such a complicated and ’emotionally charged’ issue. So much goes above a patient/partner’s head when you’re discussing IVF with your doctor. The educational modules help to address any gaps in your knowledge about the procedure.”

of patients said that learning about treatment through EngagedMD made them more satisfied with their care

Key Features of EngagedMD

Educational video modules detailing the entire testing process including risks, benefits, and limitations

Patients can watch at their convenience from a laptop, tablet, or smart phone

Comprehension questions enhance learning, keeping patients engaged

Progress and performance are automatically tracked for your team


Reliable pre-test education

Designed by CooperGenomics experts and genetic counselors, CooperGenomics’ educational modules guide patients through all all aspects of the testing process, benefits, and limitations, readying them for more efficient and effective appointments.


Digitized test ordering

Complete test requisition forms securely and electronically, reducing the need to chase down, send, and store paperwork. Your center preferences and information can be pre-filled, meaning less work for you and your team.