Many new advances in treatment and technology are being developed to gain a better understanding of infertility and to help those struggling with infertility have families. However, what can make a great difference is becoming aware of your reproductive health early on, before trying.

CooperGenomics hosts screening awareness events aiming to share information about infertility and genetics, highlighting what steps you can take to prepare for a healthy family. Our recent “Making Babies” event in Hoboken boasted a younger crowd, ready to learn more about family planning.

Our speaker, Dr. Stephanie Thompson, of IRMS at St. Barnabas touched upon the many factors that contribute to fertility health, from diet and exercise to underlying medical problems. Dr. Thompson also summarized the improvements in egg freezing technology, and why some women may choose to freeze their eggs now and wait to start their family later.

Erin Shehan, one of our genetic counselors, covered another important element to consider when planning for a baby– your genes. While some mutations, or changes, in your genes are what make you unique, others can lead to disease. Carrier screening, one kind of genetic testing, can identify you and your partner’s risk of passing on the most common disease-causing mutations to a future baby.

Both Erin and Dr. Thompson were available to answer guests’ questions following their presentation. We at CooperGenomics hope all attendees left having gained valuable information as well as the confidence to take charge of their fertility health.

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