Heather Huhman is a recognized career expert who has offered invaluable advice to job seekers through her books, blog posts, and tweets.

Heather built her career sharing her knowledge and advice. This year, Heather is also being vocal about her infertility. She is empowering countless women to get informed, share their stories, and bring hope to other women struggling with infertility.

We are happy she shared her experiences with us!

Can you briefly share your infertility story?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive our first child since November 2011. We’ve had four miscarriages, seven IVF transfers (three fresh, four frozen), and lost twins during delivery. It’s been a long, heart-breaking road to say the least, but we haven’t given up hope.

How did you come to the decision to get help through a fertility clinic?

After my second miscarriage, which my general practitioner suspected was an ectopic pregnancy, we decided to get help. I also knew from a previous surgery that I had endometriosis, which can cause problems. It had already been a year of trying, almost to the day, so we figured there was no sense waiting around any longer.

How did you prepare for your first appointment with a fertility clinic?

I admittedly did absolutely nothing to prepare for my very first fertility clinic appointment. At the time, I did not realize what a wealth of information existed online to guide me through such an experience. And I didn’t know anyone struggling with infertility.

What were some of your questions or worries?

I had two main concerns. First, what had caused my miscarriages, particularly the ectopic pregnancy? And second, what was causing our troubles in general?

I also really, really wanted a game plan. My first clinic did nothing beyond testing — apparently incomplete testing at that — in seven or eight months. I was really anxious to move forward. I wasn’t getting any younger!

How did you decide to get a second opinion?

We started at our first fertility clinic in November 2012, and I finally met some people in February 2013 who were struggling with infertility. By April, they were encouraging me to get a second opinion because nothing had been done.

Were you better prepared for your first appointment at your second fertility clinic? How?

When I switched clinics, I researched all the best questions to ask and came completely prepared. I recently wrote about this on The Huffington Post and interviewed an expert about it on my Beat Infertility podcast.

First fertility clinic appointments are incredibly overwhelming. It’s easy to walk away feeling like there’s no hope. But if you’ve chosen the right clinic, you should feel more energized and hopeful than you have in recent memory.

Can you tell us about your genetic testing experience?

One of the first things our second clinic did was genetic testing on both me and my husband. It was really easy — just a blood test.

Were you nervous about genetic testing? Why or why not?

Not at all! Neither of us had any family history that would cause concern.

How was it helpful to you?

Genetic testing gives you a tremendous peace of mind. When you get pregnant, you still have first trimester testing, but you feel fairly confident you know what the results will be.

What stands out as the most important source of support or encouragement as you continue your path towards pregnancy?

Right now, I have two main sources of support and encouragement. The first is my podcast guests and listeners. Producing the podcast has truly changed my whole outlook. The second is the wonderful group of women I’ve met since starting on this journey who’ve been through the exact same thing and completely understand.