Can fertility be both fun and educational? On June 18thpregnantish hosted an evening of “Comedy & Real Talk About Fertility”, where CooperGenomics was on the panel, and we accomplished just that!

The event was held at the chic midtown Manhattan HGU Hotel, and despite the torrential downpour of rain, it was a packed house. After umbrellas were tucked away, guests were treated to some cocktails and cheese, and took their seats in the cozy and plush library-setting. Andrea began the evening by welcoming everyone before sharing her own 8-year infertility journey that led her to surrogacy, and the birth of her now six-month-old baby girl. She also treated attendees to a snippet of pregnantish’s new podcast before kicking off the comedy portion of the evening.

Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo

The emcee of the stand-up portion was CooperGenomics contributor, Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo, who noted that for this part of the evening, “IVF” would stand for, “I’m Very Funny” as it certainly didn’t stand for, “I’m Very Fertile.” Jay explained that when it comes to infertility, using your sense of humor to get through the emotional roller-coaster of failed cycles, second opinions and ‘practically selling your soul to pay for treatment’ can help not only ease the pain, but keep you sane. Then her husband, stand-up comic Mike Siscoe, took to the stage to discuss the pressure (and humor) of trying to produce a sperm sample. Karen from Hilariously Infertile then shared the two most important rules of a fertility clinic waiting room (1. You don’t talk to anyone in a fertility clinic waiting room and 2. YOU DON’T TALK TO ANYONE IN A FERTILITY CLINIC WAITING ROOM). Final act and headliner, Carole Montgomery, who recently appeared on Showtime, closed the comedy portion of the show by detailing her husband’s obsession with making sure he wore the proper underwear to, “let his boys breathe when we were trying to conceive.”

Carole Montgomery

Karen “Hilariously Infertile”

Mike Siscoe

Mike Siscoe