Candace “Our Misconception”, Karen “Hilariously Infertile” and April Christina discuss fertility.

On February 1st, 2020, pregnantish held its very first ‘pregnantish Verified Network’ (PVN) retreat as an extension of their ‘Why I Left My Fertility Clinic’ Survey. CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomics Solutions was proud to be in attendance of this auspicious first PVN event, along with many social media influencers and bloggers who participated in the original survey. 

The survey, open to participants from February to April 2019, was disseminated by a group of 40 fertility-focused social media influencers and bloggers hand-selected by pregnantish, and was conducted online with a sample of patients who opted in voluntarily.

The diverse group of patients surveyed varied in geographical location, age, gender, sexual orientation, race and economic status; those who participated were currently undergoing fertility treatments or have undergone fertility treatments in the past.

Nathalie from Fertilust getting her make-up done for filming.

Later this month, pregnantish will publish these survey results within its ‘Real Talk Relationship Guidelines’, co-sponsored by EMD Serono and CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions. The goal of publishing this survey data, which will be made available to healthcare providers at no cost, is to provide patients with a more positive overall experience within fertility clinics. 

Cut and Clarity Gift Bags

Guests were treated with several activities throughout the day that included hair/makeup, meditation, reiki healing, acupressure and an interactive oils experience. A beautiful custom necklace from Cut and Clarity was given to each person, and food throughout the day was provided by Daily Goods, including a special late afternoon snack from Sweet Life by Solana.

Andrea Syrtash, Founder of Pregnantish

In between each event, filming took place to capture insights around infertility and family building options, with the main topic being how providers can better support those trying to conceive. An important aspect explored in these discussions was the importance of patients having access not just to fertility treatments, but to a healthcare team who could help determine the “right” protocol for them. During this time, Andrea shared her own ten-year family building journey. She endured many IVF failed cycles and two pregnancy losses before pursuing preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), now known as (PGT-A), and working with a gestational carrier. 

Filming during the PVN Retreat

Interviews and filming took place through out the day

Conversations also highlighted reasons why healthcare professionals should work to ensure that fertility patients are educated on all their options. Audience members agreed that patients should not only be enabled to access medical care, but feel empowered to advocate for themselves by discussing the latest medical technology and reproductive genetics with their reproductive endocrinologist. Having a healthy communication and even collaboration with your doctor can be vital to achieving a pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Brittney Cain, Candace Wohl and Nichelle Sublette

Videos filmed throughout the retreat will soon be part of an exciting program pregnantish is launching for 1600 Healthcare Providers this coming Spring with the goal of improving the patient-provider relationship.

CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions is proud to have supported this important and powerful initiative. There are many paths to parenthood. Every person’s journey, family history, medical background and story is different. It’s up to patients, their partners and their medical team to collaborate on what they feel is the best course of action to expand their family.

Pictured from left to right: Stephanie Cartin, April Christina, Brittney Cain, Candace Wohl, Karen Jeffries, Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo, Nichelle Sublette, Andrea Syrtash, Nathalie Carpenter and Amy Klein