What you choose to wear on your feet can say a lot about you. Your shoes can let others know you’re a fan of comfort, a good cheetah print, or the season’s top trend. Shoelaces have the power to speak too! Every October, the Gaucher community laces up to spread awareness of Gaucher’s Disease. Their proudly worn, bright green shoelaces prompt the sharing of knowledge and experiences surrounding this rare disease.

Gaucher’s Disease is an inherited disorder affecting many of the body’s tissues and organs, such as the lung, liver, and bones. The disease presents a range of signs and symptoms among affected individuals, so it is categorized into several different types, each varying in severity. To learn more about this condition, check out our previous post about Gaucher’s Disease or visit CooperGenomics.com/diseases.

The Gaucher community comes together in different ways to raise awareness and support research in hopes of developing better treatments for those affected by the rare disorder. Organizations such as the National Gaucher Foundation and Steps Ahead of Gaucher work to unite families in their efforts. This month, you too can participate in a walk, lace up in Gaucher green, or attend a lecture series or a patient meeting near you!

For further information about Gaucher’s Disease and a calendar of events taking place across the US, check out the National Gaucher Foundation.