Diversity is everywhere you look. It’s in nature, language, literature. Everywhere. Unfortunately, there are moments in society when a difference is seen as a negative.

To combat this problem, Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education (FRAME), formerly known as The New Face of Genetics (NFOG), was started as a collaboration between Positive Exposure and the Joan H. Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College.

FRAME is a web-based resource currently housed through the Positive Exposure website. Each 10 minute film gives a glimpse into a genetic condition through the eyes of the patient. Since the pilot program, the project has evolved and grown significantly. There are currently five completed FRAME videos, with several more in production.

FRAME’s mission is a simple one: to provide educational information on genetic conditions while maintaining the integrity of each individual and their families. Their goal is to enable those affected with or by genetic conditions to share their stories, all the while highlighting the hallmark features of a particular condition. The hope is that through these videos the audience sees that these people are more than a medical diagnosis.

The films are not intended to be comprehensive summaries of syndromes. They are often used as an alternate or additional resource to photographs and medical textbooks for healthcare professionals in training. The videos can also be helpful to families with a new diagnosis. Viewers are able to see each participant interact with their family members, smile, talk, move, live. It provides a human perspective that a photo in a medical text can’t capture.

FRAME is our passion. We are endlessly in awe of the participants we work with. Their outlook on life is positively inspiring and shows the importance of living life to the fullest. Our wish is that one day there will be beauty seen in everything that is different; that human beings will not be censored for something that makes them unique.    

This guest post comes from Shabnam Asgari and Cory Moser who are both certified genetic counselors in charge of research, scriptwriting, and editing for the FRAME films. For more information about FRAME please visit here. For more information about Positive Exposure please visit here.