Discontinuation of Carrier Screening and NIPT

CooperSurgical has a long history of being at the forefront of technology advances in reproductive health and specifically those applicable to the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) market.

To optimize focus on our core business with our infertility customers, we have decided to discontinue our presence within the Carrier Screening segment and within NIPT. This means that we will be exiting the Carrier Screening and the NIPT business worldwide and will not be accepting test samples after July 31, 2018. EvolveGene®, which was part of our LifeGlobal® acquisition in April, will also be discontinuing operations and not accepting test samples after July 31, 2018.

CooperSurgical brought the pioneers in reproductive genomics, Santi Munne and Mark Hughes, founders of PGS and PGD respectively, into our corporate family. They were fully invested in improving IVF results through genomic testing. Along with them, over the past few years, we forged the way to market acceptance through clinical study and continued refinement of the tests. Our leadership within PGT-A and PGT-M/SR (formerly known as PGS and PGD) endures as our R&D team readies new developments that will drive reproductive genomic testing into new frontiers. We will continue as scientific and educational leaders through publications of our discoveries.

Moving forward our aim will continue to be focused on building and developing our core offering for the IVF journey, hereby meeting our customers’ needs for best in class products and solutions.

Robert Auerbach, MD
President CooperSurgical, Inc.