Natascha Carter

Education: North Carolina State University
"For me, the most rewarding part about working with patients is observing how the knowledge patients gain from PGT and genetic counseling empowers them to make informed decisions during their IVF journey. I love speaking with patients one-on-one and knowing I played a part in helping them build a healthy family."

Natascha Carter2022-05-19T06:05:47+01:00

AnnMarie Wright

"I love working at CooperGenomics because prior to working here I was not familiar with the ins and outs of the IVF process and all the emotional ups and downs that come along with it. So, to be able to help our patients achieve their goals of becoming parents and building their families is very rewarding for me. When our genetic counselors receive baby pictures from their patients with letters of gratitude, it makes what we do very meaningful. I look forward to many more years at CooperGenomics and helping our patients on their IVF journey. "

AnnMarie Wright2021-10-06T09:53:55+01:00

Tina Robinson

Education: University of Buffalo
"I try to inspire the patients by letting them know that through this involved and challenging process, they can look forward to a beautiful outcome. They really appreciate the words of encouragement and that makes my job enjoyable."

Tina Robinson2021-10-07T11:29:46+01:00