Art is constantly taking new forms, with each composition fulfilling some purpose- to express, to educate, to enlighten, to inspire. Galleries can house such artistic experiences in many ways. One gallery in NYC has created an unconventional artistic experience that does not involve looking at art at all as visitors are blindfolded and given sound-cancelling earphones before entering an empty room! A gallery we are particularly excited about, The ART of IF: Navigating the Journey of Infertility, joins two concepts you normally wouldn’t think about together, art and infertility.

There are many avenues for couples facing infertility to find support, and many do find comfort in their families, support groups, and blogs. Elizabeth Walker has developed one more way to offer hope and provide a sense of community for the men and women struggling with the challenges of infertility: art.

Elizabeth created artwork as part of her own journey to healing when she struggled to conceive. The experience was so moving that Elizabeth was inspired to reach out to the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson, MI and organize the first of many infertility art exhibits. This exhibit, The ART of IF: Navigating the Journey of Infertility, was displayed in March of this year. The wonderful reception of the exhibit led Elizabeth to take it on the road to share the opportunity of healing through art with others.

The ART of IF exhibits feature lectures, workshops, interviews and artwork to spread awareness about infertility. Pieces include information about costs for fertility treatment, even quotes from online support groups. At every location, the exhibit presents local artwork to truly make the exhibitions unique and engaging for the community. Several portraits and touching stories are also published on the ART of Infertility site. The project site is currently calling for art submissions as preparations are underway for future exhibitions in Missouri, Illinois, and California.

If you’d like to know more about this project or participate by submitting your own artwork, please visit!