Sometimes we need a break from the celebrity and meme heavy photos we see on our Instagram feeds. Here are some of our favorite Instagram accounts which highlight personal patient experiences and patient education about infertility.

  1. @waitingforbabybird

    Elisha, author of the infertility blog Waiting For Baby Bird, shares inspirational quotes, resolutions, and weekly infertility chats on her Instagram account. Elisha has created a sisterhood that transcends state lines. If you want to connect with other women across the US, you can join the conversation, here.
  2. @drserenachen

    Dr. Serena Chen, the Director of Reproductive Medicine at The Institute for Reproductive  Medicine and Science (IRMS) at Saint Barnabas, gives us a peek at her day-to-day life providing care for women experiencing infertility. Dr. Chen also contributes to the IRMS blog which covers various topics including fertility, IVF, and egg freezing.
  3. @smartfertilitychoices

    Kym shares her experience with PCOS, a condition that affects 1 out of 10 women of childbearing age. By sharing her own stories and tips, Kym helps foster a space for others with shared infertility experiences to connect.
  4. @journeytothree_ivf

    On her Instagram @journeytothree_ivf, Erin posts photos chronicling her journey with PCOS and infertility. Erin will often share photos of her ultrasounds and injections, offering a deeply unique and personal newsfeed that many of her followers can relate to.
  5. @hopeandbabydust_

    Holly dedicates her Instagram account to offering support and guidance to other women experiencing infertility. Most recently she initiated an infertility meet-up in her sunshine state of Florida in hopes to connect with others who are trying to conceive.
  6. @drkbendikson

    Dr. Kristin Bendikson, the founder of the USC Center for Pregnancy Loss and Fertility Diagnostic Program, offers patient education and messages of hope on her Instagram.  Most recently, Dr. Bendikson released a video where she expresses her views on treating women who have experienced miscarriages. You can watch that here.
  7. @artofif

    Opened officially in 2014 by founder Elizabeth Walker, The ART of Infertility is an exhibit that raises awareness of infertility through art and storytelling. Their mission is dedicated to challenging the public’s perception on infertility through recognizing and uplifting the diversity of individuals and families impacted by it. They post works of art included in their exhibit and give us a backstage peek at exhibit prep on their Instagram.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have a favorite account or want to share yours, let us know in the comments!

Thank you, Amelia, for this list! Amelia Tahmassi is currently a second year student at the Joan H. Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College. She is interested on exploring the intersections between art and medicine. Amelia received her degree in Biology with a minor in Visual Arts from the University of Texas at Dallas.